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The Investment Become Part of Africa's Industrialisation

The Investment

The economies of East Africa are booming. With MLC Properties you can invest in Africa at an early stage of Africa’s industrialisation. Rwanda and Tanzania give foreign investors good market access. Investments in real estate offer protection against inflation and income is well predictable.

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Rwanda and Tanzania are booming and offer high earnings potential in the real estate market

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In addition to adding financial value for investors, we make a contribution to the local people

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As tangible assets, real estate offer high value stability – here without credit risk

Key Data on the Strategy

Target countriesRwanda & Tanzania
StrategyDevelopment of (existing and new) real estate
Target return20 % p.a. on Investor’s level
Investment volume€ 65 million
Project size€ 2-8 million per project
Preferred sectorsRetail, hospitality, and health
Further sectorsOffices with caution
No gosHigh-end and high-risk developments
Debt ratioUp to 60 %
Harbour of Dar es Salaam Tanzania sustainable investment
Harbour of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sustainable East Africa Investments

MLC Properties East Africa is a sustainable investment in East Africa. Investment locations are Rwanda and Tanzania. We pursue the objective of an economic, ecological and social sustainable development.

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  • Sound project analyses for continuous asset growth
  • Real estate for local demand


  • Environmentally sound project implementation
  • Preference for local building materials and techniques


  • Consideration of social criteria when selecting tenants
  • Project partners guarantee minimum social standards


  • Target return: 20 % at Investors’ level
  • Two distributions per year
  • First capital repayments from 2026
  • Complete liquidation by 2030
  • Economically and politically stable investment locations
  • No obligation to make additional contributions
  • Control of the use of funds by Rödl AIF Verwahrstelle GmbH
  • Legal sales prospectus

Investment process

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Step 1: Project evaluation in terms of profitability and security

We comprehensively analyse the potential real estate project in terms of profitability and security. A feasibility study is prepared. Experts analyse technical aspects.

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Step 2: Developing a sustainability concept

We develop a project-specific sustainability concept. In doing so, we consider aspects such as environmental and social compatibility and the creation of local jobs. Our goal is to bring added value to the people. Impact makes the difference!

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Step 3: Approval by the investment committee

The Investment Committee is composed of various experts. It reviews the entire project in terms of profitability, security and sustainability. If the quality requirements are met, the Committee gives its approval.

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Step 4: Project implementation

The project implementation is carried out by the Management. For this purpose, it also works together with established local specialist companies. When selecting them, we not only pay attention to quality, but also to implementation of sustainability criteria.

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Step 5: Operating the property

We work with local property and facility managers to operate the properties. These must also meet sustainability criteria. Ongoing monitoring is carried out by the Management and die Investment Committee.

tailor tanzania economy mlc properties
Tanzanian tailor

Asset Allocation and Financing

You invest in a diversified, sustainable portfolio. Investments in Rwanda and Tanzania are made in various sectors. A part is invested in existing properties with development potential in order to generate distributable cash flow at an early stage. Financing is based on up to 60% debt capital.


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Key Data on the Participation

TypeLimited partnership interest
Minimum contribution€ 200,000
Additional contributionsno
Management fee1,7 % of NAV p. a. until 2026, thereafter 1,4 % of NAV p. a.
Performance fee20 % of the return above 6 % p. a.
Transaction feeno
DistributionsOperating cash flow: 2 x per year
Capital repaymentStepwise from 2026 to 2030
TaxationOptimised tax structure with minimal effective income tax rate due to full tax transparency
AuditorDornbach Revisions- und Treuhand GmbH
External monitoringRödl AIF Verwahrstelle GmbH
ManagementDr Hendrik Müller-Lankow and Heri Bomani
Investment CommitteeProf Dr Andreas Daniel, Diana Gichaga and Anthony Lewis
RegulationThe public offering in Germany and the Issuer are regulated under the German Investment Act (VermAnlG)

Project Partners

In the development of real estate projects we work together with well-known and established local and international companies in order to meet the highest quality standards.

makuza peace plaza kigali rwanda mlc properties
Makuza Peace Plaza, Kigali, Rwanda