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Press Release: MLC Properties Extends Investment Committee

Lawyer and East Africa Investment Professional Diana Gichaga has joined the investment committee of asset manager MLC Properties. MLC Properties invests in the real estate sector in Rwanda and Tanzania […]

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Rwanda, Tanzania and Co: Investments in East Africa can pay off

No continent is growing economically and demographically as fast as Africa. East Africa in particular is home to many states that are very well suited as investment destinations. Africa expert […]

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Five Reasons why East Africa Should be Part of Every Investment Portfolio

East Africa is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Good economic conditions and political stability form the basis of an unprecedented success story. In this article we […]

Interview of Finanzwelt with Hendrik Mueller-Lankow about Investing in East Africa

“There is a new kind of growth dynamic”

Finanzwelt is one of the most important German magazines for property investments. The editors conducted an interview with Dr. Hendrik Mueller-Lankow, a Managing Director of MLC Properties. He reports on […]

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Europe and Africa Strengthen Partnership

Africa is Europe’s largest trading partner. The European Union (EU) therefore attaches particular importance to good economic relations with the black continent and is seeking close partnerships with the African […]

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African Car Manufacturers

Africa is not known for the origin of car manufacturers. Recently, however, a young automotive industry has developed. The aim of local car manufacturers is to produce African products for […]

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Africa Investment Funds – An Overview

Africa is increasingly coming into investors’ focus as attractive investment location. However, the continent comprises 55 countries. Additionally, the growing variety of offerors makes it increasingly difficult to find the […]


Tanzania Upgrades to ‘Lower Middle-Income’ Status

The World Bank has upgraded Tanzania’s development status to “lower middle-income”. This not only proves the success of economic policy in recent years. Better conditions for borrowing and increasing foreign […]

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First Railway Line Between Rwanda and Tanzania Under Construction

There is currently no railway line between Rwanda and Tanzania. Goods are mainly transported by road – at high cost. The new railway line will connect Rwanda to the port […]

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MLC Properties Appoints Members of the Investment Committee

With the appointment of Prof Andreas Daniel and Anthony Lewis as members of the Investment Committee, MLC Properties East Africa underlines its claim to become a leading investment company in […]