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About us Creating added value for investors and the people in Africa

About us

MLC Properties is a German investment company specialised in sustainable capital investment in East African real estate.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles give us the framework for our daily work.


MLC Properties is your partner for Africa investments.


Through our activities, we want to create added value for investors and the people in Africa and contribute to the positive development of the African growth market in an ecologically and socially sustainable manner.



We take the responsibility for the assets entrusted to us very seriously.


Economic, ecological and social sustainability of our investments are important to us.

Down-to-earth approach

We do not make unrealistic promises.


We work with care to meet high quality standards.


Honesty and openness form the basis of our communication.


Every day, we do our best to achieve above-average results.

The Team

Dr Hendrik Mueller-Lankow Managing Director MLC Properties East Africa
Dr. Hendrik Müller-Lankow
Heri Bomani Managing Director MLC Properties East Africa
Heri Bomani
Dr Johannes Seemueller Managing Director MLC Properties East Africa
Dr. Johannes Seemueller
mlc properties east africa portrait anye chifen
Dr.-Ing. Anye Chifen, Managing Director
prof dr patrick peters supervisory board mlc properties
Prof. Dr. Patrick Peters
Prof Andreas Daniel Chairman Investment Committee MLC Properties East Africa
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Daniel

diana gichaga portrait mlc properties
Diana Gichaga
anthony lewis photo
Anthony Lewis
Gregor Nebel Asset Manager MLC Properties East Africa
Gregor Nebel
Howard Bowers Finance & Investment MLC Properties East Africa
Howard Bowers
Daniel Demary

Our Offices

mlc properties offices about us

Our head office is in

Gartenstr. 27
61352 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe


Our branch office is in

10 Hamza Aziz Road
Dar es Salaam