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Social Impact Investing in Afrika

You invest in the rising markets of East Africa. Our investments in health and education have a tangible social impact. Traditional investments round out the portfolio and ensure financial sustainability. The return expectation is 15 %.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We further the UN Sustainable Development Goals No. 3 and 4.

un sustainable development goal 3 good health


In many parts, the health systems in East Africa are in a poor state, also due to a lack of good financing conditions. We are partnering with an international hospital operator to whom we offer advantageous conditions for the development of hospitals and doctors’ offices.

un sustainable development goal 4 quality education


Expanding higher education in East Africa is key to improving people’s lives. Young Africans are rushing to universities, but there is a lack of sufficient capacity. For this reason, we cooperate with local universities for the expansion of lecture halls and student dormitories.

Balanced Portfolio

Generating positive, measurable social impacts is an essential part of the investment strategy. For investments that pursue a specific social purpose, we do not expect high returns, but always financial sustainability. Through traditional investments, investors also participate in the extraordinary growth dynamics of East Africa.

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Rwanda & Tanzania at the Forefront of African Upswing

New African Free Trade Area

Due to the African Free Trade Area, customs duties on services and 90 % of customs duties on goods are to be eliminated. According to estimates, this will lead to a sharp increase in intra-African trade and wealth.

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Source: McKinsey & Company, Lions on the Move II, 2016


African Development Bank

Your Investment in a Fairer World

TypeGerman limited partnership interest
Minimum contribution€ 200,000
Additional contributionsno
Management fee1.7 % of NAV p. a. until 2026, thereafter 1.4 % of NAV p. a.
Performance fee20 % of the return above 6 % p. a.
Transaction feeno
DistributionsOperating cash flow: 2 x per year
Capital repaymentStepwise from 2025 to 2028
External monitoringRödl AIF Verwahrstelle GmbH

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